Menya Takeichi

After my previous taste of chicken broth ramen, marketed as collagen soup, at Tsukada Nojo, I didn’t think that there could be another restaurant chain which could implement this concept as well. Boy, was I wrong. A few days ago, I was scrolling through my email offers and came across an advertisement from Menya Takeichi, advertising it’s latest dinosaur collagen ramen creation. Intrigued, I decided to go check the place out.  Continue reading

Cook & Brew

Unfortunately, despite being at the 33rd floor, the view at Cook&Brew cannot rival that of Level 33 or One Altitude. Rather what it offers is a pretty comprehensive beer and wine selection. In fact, when I visited the restaurant on a Tuesday evening, the bar had just finished hosting a beer tasting session (now – if only I had known of this earlier!)  Continue reading

Ta Lu Prawn Noodles

Occasionally, when I have the time (or when I’m in need of a brief respite from work), I attend week day mass at China Square. It’s a quick thirty minute service, but amazingly, the space is often crowded and full. Lunch after service often has to be quick and nearby. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this pretty good prawn noodle eatery on the second floor of China Square. Most weeks it’s pretty crowded, but sometimes the queue is not that long and that’s when I brave the lines to get my prawn mee fix.  Continue reading

Macau: Chan Kuong Kei Roast Duck

For round two of our Macau night out, Y insisted that we head all the way over the bridge to touristy Macau for roast duck and wontons. As usual, Y was leading us via memory and we actually made a few detours before we finally found the restaurant that he was referring to. Also, it was almost midnight when we arrived and we had some concerns as to whether the restaurant was still open. To our utmost surprise, it still was and we were quickly seated once in. Continue reading

Macau: A Petisqueira Portuguese Restaurant

My firm organized its retreat in Macau recently and even though I’m not officially part of the firm yet, we were “invited” (i.e. told to go). Honestly, I was not too pleased about it, because it meant having losing work time, and as it turned out, I missed a good portion of the retreat because I had to go back to my hotel room and work (as instructed by my work senior). So really, what was the whole point again? Continue reading