Have to give props to the entertainment app for discovering this restaurant, it has turned out to be one of the best finds thus far. Sela is a restaurant serving modern European cuisine, located just behind Raffles Hotel. I’m a sucker for simple clean decor, so I had a gut feeling that I was going to enjoy this restaurant the moment I walked in. To sweeten the deal, Sela offers free BYO on Mondays and Tuesdays (No corkage!), which was why we deliberately chose to come here on a Tuesday evening so as to take advantage of this awesome service. I half expected the restaurant to be full just because of the free BYO service but it was relatively quiet when we were dining here. Not that we complained. Service was excellent and the staff were very attentive and polite.

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The moment we stepped into Sinpopo for lunch, M exclaimed that she remembered the place and she remembered it from the 1960s. In 1960s, Sinpopo used to be a bar, a very (in)famous bar. However, the Sinpopo today is a local fusion cafe run by the people of Awfully Chocolate. M actually asked one of the (young) staff if the cafe today was associated with the Sinpopo of the 1960s to which he replied, “No”. Haha. Wonder if he knew what she was actually referring to.

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Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous

“Shall we try the famous rendezvous laksa….”

Sometimes I think Rendezvous relies on their oldest award to draw in the food crowds. I could be wrong, but when walking past the restaurant to the main entrance, I was surprised to find that they had won the award way back in 2002 and was still using it as an advertisement in the front window. I mean you would usually put the most recent awards up to show that your food quality is still consistent right? Or what some other places will do is list the number of years they’ve won the award to showcase their long running streak.

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One Man Coffee

When F suggested meeting for breakfast, my mind immediately starting calculating which cafes were nearest my house. The less time I needed to get to the place, the better. Totally not a morning person. Ultimately, that decision was made for us because as it turns out, not many cafes open at 9am. For example, Habitat cafe only opens at 11am. Other than Pacamara (check out my previous posts on them here and here), One Man Coffee was the only other place that deigned to cater to early risers like F. Continue reading

Paradise Inn

Interestingly, Paradise Group is a fairly huge business organization with many Chinese restaurants to its name but I’ve yet to try many of its ventures, Paradise Inn being one of them. As alluded to in some my previous posts, my family and I have different taste buds. While I would usually veer towards a western cuisine, G on the other hand, always instinctively veers towards Asian cuisines. Continue reading

Hong Kong Street Sum Kee

I confess that out of all the proteins I’ve had, fish is my least favourite. It is not usually my number one choice for a main. It’s not that I detest the taste of fish, but it has always got to do with the freshness and the texture of the protein itself. Fish, is quite a delicate protein and is easily under or over cooked. Freshness is also something that cannot be easily masked. Fishy smells are very strong. As such, I’ve had my fair share of ‘not so satisfactory’ fish dishes and remain quite skeptical of them. Continue reading

Lime House

I’m always intrigued by new cuisines, so when the time came for catch up with the girls, I suggested trying out Lime House, a restaurant offering Carribean style food. It also helped that E had just come back from a trip to Cuba so she had some notion of what Carribean cuisine was like. I thought the restaurant couldn’t have chosen a better location, it’s located in a shophouse along Jiak Chuan Road and the interior is flanked by colourful tropical motifs and wooden benches and chairs for dining. The mood would be totally different if let’s say, for example, the owner had decided to open up his restaurant in a shopping centre. Continue reading