Bangkok: Gaggan

So when I told J that I was going to Bangkok, she told that I had to eat at Gaggan and my first reaction was, “Indian food? But I’m going to Thailand!” Nevertheless, she was convinced that I should try and get a reservation and if successful, I would not regret the experience. I was skeptical, and even more so since I already had a reservation at Le Du. So when I actually managed to get a late 9pm reservation at Gaggan, my immediate thought was “crap, how am I going to eat 25 courses at 9pm at night?”. J was nonplussed and just told me to “go for it.”  Continue reading

Kyuu Kei Udon x Soba

I’ve written about the sore lack of tsukemen in Singapore, despite the dish being quite perfect for Singapore’s weather. I may have to take that back. A new restaurant has opened up below my office building which specialises in tsukemen. It has a short menu. You start by choosing your broth – (a) tonkotsu broth or (b) lobster broth. Next, pick your protein – (i) pork chashu or (ii) fried chicken kaarage. Add ons include onsen eggs etc.  Continue reading

Tsuta Singapore

It took me a while to garner my thoughts on Tsuta and its forray into Singapore. I happened to be in Tokyo last year when news about Tsuta gaining its first michelin star spread around Tokyo. I was at a friend’s place when she pointed me to the article and suggested we visit the place the following day. Readily I agreed. The next day, however, she sent me a message of the latest online article of how queues were tremendously long  (i.e. may not be so worth it to go after all). I guess the locals are quite ambivalent about the michelin guide. If Tsuta was not available, there were always other ramen places just as good. Continue reading

Sanpoutei Ramen

Another ramen restaurant?

Gosh, how many different types of ramen can one have? Many types apparently and the variations keep growing. With so many different types of ramen concepts around, I’ve come to identify ramen establishments by their unique dish. Like I would go to RamenPlay if I wanted to have chilled ramen (their Hiyashi Chuka Ramen is one of my favourites); or Marutama for their chicken soup ramen.  Continue reading

Kanshoku Ramen Bar

The owners of Kanshoku Ramen Bar described their inspiration to set up their restaurant in the following manner:

[The following excerpt is taken from their website]

“[…]Having tasted some of the best ramen around but never feeling entirely contented, we decided to create a ramen bowl that could be finished in its entirety without feeling stuffed. One that would be enjoyable down to the very last bite.” Continue reading

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

After trying the crab broth ramen at the Keisuke outlet at Cineleisure Orchard, it seemed natural that one also had to try their lobster ramen at Clarke Quay. Finally, I managed to find a time to go down to the Clarke Quay which only opens from 6pm onwards in the evenings (I really do wish they would consider opening during lunch time as well!) Continue reading