Ta Lu Prawn Noodles

Occasionally, when I have the time (or when I’m in need of a brief respite from work), I attend week day mass at China Square. It’s a quick thirty minute service, but amazingly, the space is often crowded and full. Lunch after service often has to be quick and nearby. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this pretty good prawn noodle eatery on the second floor of China Square. Most weeks it’s pretty crowded, but sometimes the queue is not that long and that’s when I brave the lines to get my prawn mee fix. 


First off, prices tended to be a little on the high side here. A small prawn noodle sets you back $5 and for that you get prawn noodles with some pork slices. It’s a pretty decent portion (for ladies at least) and still pretty tasty. The key here is the broth and the noodles are cooked well too.


The $7 portion gets you a more substantive portion though. They actually give you pork ribs together with the prawns. Personally, I think the $7 portion (medium) is a bit more appealing (given the extra pork ribs). Between soup and dry, I would pick the soup, but that is just personal preference.


Tips to eat here: chop a table once you get in, then remember your table number and give it to the cashier when you order. They will deliver the food to your table. Easy!

Add: 18 Cross Street #02-32

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