About me ~ Why am I writing all this down?

Why start a food blog, don’t we have enough of those already!?

New year’s eve, 2014. I was writing my annual reflections on the year and I realized that 2014 had been the year where I was a total nerd/study zombie. I was deep into law school and my entire focus was on doing well so that I could graduate with a decent GPA and also convince some firm to take me on as a trainee. I realized that while I was very thankful for the way things turned out, I also knew that I wanted 2015 to be different. I wanted it to be more than just school and I wanted to do something fun (non-law related).

Blogging was the answer and the idea of food came easily. Blogging was not new to me (I kept a travel blog for more than a year while living overseas in Budapest) but food was. And the truth was that, while I am a law student by day, I am also a food and drink researcher by night. One of the most amazing things of living in Singapore is that there’s always some restaurant opening or some new eat being discovered. Admittedly, I am so spoilt for food choice here that I rarely eat the same thing twice in a week. Indeed, every time I arrange to meet up with a friend, the same question is always asked, “Where should we go?”. Meeting up is always an awesome excuse to try some place new.

Hence, this blog is an attempt to journal the places I’ve been, the food I’ve tasted, the drinks I’ve tried. Hopefully one day, when I’m running out of inspiration for places to suggest for a meal, this will serve as a starting guide.

I’m not a professional photographer, so the majority of photos will purely be from either a normal layman camera (I use a canon powershot SX240 HS) or my iphone (iPhone 6). I’m still learning a lot about photography. Many misses than hits, but I’m told that I should just “keep taking pictures”. This blog serves a more practical purpose of giving information rather than enticing anyone through 2D images. I always believe that reviews are more of a guide than an affirmation of the restaurant. The only way to truly find out is always to visit the place yourself.

It’s been an amazing experience re-entering the world of blogging and I am learning so many different things every time I write a post, take a photo, order a dish and sip my wine. I would definitely love to hear from you if you’re a fellow blogger or even just a foodie with a ‘die die’ place to recommend.

Email: therestlessdiner@gmail.com


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