I acted like a noob when G brought me to this restaurant. While we were standing in line and picking what dishes to order, I told G that I wanted Korean fried chicken. As in turns out, this restaurant is not a fried chicken place. Instead, this place specializes in chicken galbi, or grilled marinated chicken.  Continue reading

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Further to my Korean fried chicken adventures at Twins and Chicken Up, I’ve been meaning to check out Chir Chir for a while since my classes are situated pretty close to its Chinatown Point outlet. Every time I walked past it, I would make a mental note to check out the place once I had the chance.  Continue reading

O’ma spoon

When I was younger, our favourite shaved ice dessert was ice kachang. Then when I was a teen, the Taiwanese snow flake dessert was the rage. Today, it is the Korean bingsu (Korean ice dessert) that is all the rage in Singapore. In the past year, numerous bingsu places have sprung up all over Singapore, all almost selling the same or similar flavours. One outlet that gets quite a lot of recommendation is O’ma spoon. Their outlets are located rather centrally, which makes for easy access.  Continue reading

Chicken Up

Honestly speaking, Korean fried chicken places have been popping up all around Singapore for a while. It’s definitely hard to stand out and most Korean fried chicken places aren’t too bad. The differences are often very slight. Chicken Up can be said to be one of the early pioneers of Korean fried chicken in Singapore. It also gets a lot of publicity for having been picked in a Straits Times blind tasting as the best Korean fried chicken.  Continue reading

Andong Zzimdak

Bar lectures have started and for the past week, my classmates and I found ourselves trudging to the so familiar shopping centre of Raffles City for lunch. Many a time, a comment could be heard that we should be looking to find other nearby alternatives instead of heading to the foodcourt each time. Finally on Thursday, I did some googling and realized that a new Korean place had opened in the basement. Finally! Somewhere new and interesting we could try in between lectures Continue reading

Twins Korean Restaurant

Korean fried chicken has been the rage for quite a while. I had a slight taste of it during my trip to 4 fingers quite a while back. Recently too, to celebrate our retention, my colleagues had treated us to Korean fried chicken and I quite enjoyed it.

For some reason, the craving had hit again yesterday and I spent some time doing some research online on where the popular places in Singapore were for Korean fried chicken. Ironically, I did not find as many reviews as expected. Perhaps the craze has died down? I decided to check out Twins at Craig Road since the reviews (while written quite a while back) seem quite good and I figured that prices seemed reasonable as well, especially if one went during lunch. Continue reading


When I was student in Auckland and staying in a hostel, there were times when my friends and I would be so tired of hostel meals that we would head down to the city for dinner. Eating out in Auckland is not cheap compared to eating out in Singapore. However, I will always be forever grateful to the ethnic Korean and Chinese restaurants that sprung up around the city. They provided an opportunity for us homesick Asians to fulfill our rice and noodle cravings. They were also priced very reasonably and proved very popular among students living in the city. Continue reading

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar

I’m a planner by nature and usually when eating out, I usually plan in advance where to go and what to eat. It’s not always that easy to plan where to eat – eating preferences, location, budget etc…. Hence, I sometimes get a little angsty when put in the position of deciding where to eat on the spot. Last Sunday was one such spontaneous event when the family decided to go out for lunch and the task for deciding where fell to me. Sunday is always tricky – most of the good cafes would be full and involve a bit waiting time with no reservations. You don’t really want to drag your family out far away from the neighbourhood only to make them wait an hour for a table. In the end, we decided to hit Serangoon Gardens to try this new Korean place on Maju Avenue. Continue reading