Terra by Seita

I was a little confused when I first arrived at Terra. Lights were on, but there was a huge “sorry we are closed” up front. Upon confirmation that the restaurant was indeed open, I thought that it would be good to inform the restaurant about that faux pas. However, the responses I received were pretty weird and that put me off a little. The manager explained that they were still in soft launch mode and were only accepting customers who had made a booking and no walk ins… BUT STILL! Continue reading

Santouka Ramen

The blurb explaining the birth of Ramen Santouka goes like this:

“One day, after watching Tampopo (a Japanese movie about a quirky ramen establishment), Santouka’s founder, Hitoshi Hatanaka and his family stopped at a ramen shop for a quick meal. Unsatisfied with the taste of the shop’s ramen, Hatanaka declared the next time he would be the one making ramen for his family.” Continue reading