Rong Chen Bak Kuh Teh

On the topic of the peppery bak kuh teh versus herbal bak kuh teh, I am a fan of the peppery soup version (I.E. the Singapore version). When I need my fix, I always head to Rong Chen bak kuh teh, which happens to be located a short drive away from my housing estate. 

In recent years, many new branches have opened up at Midview city and even at the Changi airport T3 foodcourt! However, I still prefer going back to the original location at Sin Ming Road, which occupies the corner of a coffeeshop under a HDB block.

The highlights here are its prime pork ribs and its braised pig trotters (not  in the picture). My grandfather, who has many years of eating experience under his belt, has commented that their pig trotters are one of the better ones he’s eaten. Furthermore, it’s pretty hard to find a stall which still makes them everyday.

For me, my favourite is the chai buey (stewed salted vegetables). I absolutely have to get a bowl every time I come (much the horror of my Mom which laments my salt intake) and I think that Rong Chen does a pretty good rendition of it.

The soup itself is clear but with strong peppery and garlicky accents. Refills are the norm and I absolutely love soaking my rice with the soup. For approx $10 per person, you can get three generous servings of pork ribs with the added side dishes. Guaranteed to have a filling meal that sustains you for almost the whole day (just like the coolies back in the day!)


Add: Blk 22 Sin Ming Road

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