This is the eleventh post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

Our first morning in Reykjavik, we woke up at 8 to a city still in the dark. Further, it was raining and windy. After picking up the car, we decided to drive a few streets into town for breakfast. Having read about it in the guidebooks, I suggested that we check out Sandholt and when we reached the bakery/cafe at around 9.30 in the morning, outside was still pitch black and the rain had not stopped. If anything, we were thankful to step into the warm and toasty cafe. Continue reading

Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro

Nassim Hill Bakery & Bistro always gives me the feel of an expat vibe. It’s address screams white, chic, posh. Located at the far end of Orchard, most people wouldn’t venture there unless you drove, took a cab, or were willing to take the 15 minute trek from the MRT. Yes, to Singaporeans, walking for 15 minutes is a pretty long time. Ironically, when I met up with L and G for brunch last weekend, we each took different kinds of transport there. I walked from the train station and by the time I got to the cafe, I was ready for a very very cold drink.  Continue reading

Club Meatballs

An obsession with chalking up points won me an eating voucher at Club Meatballs. It’s an interesting concept, offering a menu based around meatballs, and not just the beef kind. The restaurant serves meatballs made from beef, pork, chicken, salmon and even vegetarian meatballs. Was able to have meals there on two separate occasions since they didn’t accept my voucher the first time round (it being a public holiday). Hence, we got a try a variety of dishes from the menu. Continue reading