Dazzling Cafe

A long overdue catch up with Y and M. After several false starts, we finally got to meet for lunch just before class. Y suggesting heading to Dazzling Cafe which is actually located really near school and since I hadn’t been there before, I was totally game. Continue reading

Club Meatballs

An obsession with chalking up points won me an eating voucher at Club Meatballs. It’s an interesting concept, offering a menu based around meatballs, and not just the beef kind. The restaurant serves meatballs made from beef, pork, chicken, salmon and even vegetarian meatballs. Was able to have meals there on two separate occasions since they didn’t accept my voucher the first time round (it being a public holiday). Hence, we got a try a variety of dishes from the menu. Continue reading

The Horse’s Mouth 2.0

It is not my first time to the Horse’s Mouth. However, the last time I was there, it was for drinks purely. Despite that, I went away with really good impressions of the place – a nice intimate area to have good drinks and catch up with friends. A few weeks back, after a really bad day in school, J told me I needed a drink and as the good friend she was, informed me that I was coming out Friday evening.  Continue reading

Choya Cooking Studio

Couple months back, I  got to attend another media tasting with Glitterflyed of Travel Shoot and Share. This time, it was a cooking session centered around the use of Choya, a Japanese plum wine. Prior to this session, I had neither tried Choya nor had I known that it was possible to incorporate it in many cooking recipes. Hence, it was quite fun to see the versatility of the drink in this cooking workshop. Continue reading