Hanoi: Banh Mì 25

This is the second post in an overseas trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My last day in Hanoi, I had an early afternoon flight so it meant that we would be checking out early in the morning. Rather than stay in for the hotel breakfast, I decided to take a trip to the Old Quarter for some banh mi. I had heard a lot about Banh Mi 25 so I already had a place in mind.  Continue reading

Hanoi: Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim

This is the first post in an overseas trip to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My first trip to Hanoi was over 5 years ago. It was like a trip of firsts. First trip since I found my job, first time to Indochina, first time I got scammed (yes and right when I landed in Hanoi, got scammed by the taxi driver to pay an “additional” toll of USD17).

That said, Hanoi was also where I started my backpacking trips around Asia and where I met many friends whom I still keep in contact with. More on that later.  Continue reading