Basel: Fischerstube

One of the things that I feel really lucky about my trip to Switzerland was the weather. When I first arrived, I had a planned my entire week, but I had to rearrange that after Iz told me that the weather forecast wasn’t looking good and to save the good days for the mountains and the not so good days for the cities. However, the entire week when I was in Switzerland, I had good weather throughout. The rain forecast kept being pushed further and further back. Everyday turned out to be warm and sunny for the most part. Some days were cloudy, but the rain that kept threatening to fall never came. The weekend when I went to Basel with Iz and P was not exception.  Continue reading

Cafe Melba

The girls and I were at Goodman Arts Centre for a pottery session where we learned basic throwing – which is basically how to transform a lump of clay into a recognizable shape using the potter’s wheel. What started as a pretty intimidating session, for me at least, turned out to be really fun.  Continue reading

Sum Yi Tai

When Sum Yi Tai first opened, it was super crowded from the outside and it was impossible to get an online reservation through chope. I reasoned that things might get better within a few months and was willing to wait for the hype to die down. Furthermore, there were many more new places on Boon Tat street to try. A few weeks from when Sum Yi Tai opened, J actually had drinks there with a friend. She didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the place so I forgot about it till my dinner date with Y and M. Since we were looking for a place for drinks after dinner, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check the place out. Continue reading