Uncle Tan Kelong

It’s not everyday that one gets to ride a boat charter to a kelong for a seafood dinner. Had the lucky privilege to do so just a few days ago. J organized a seafood dinner at Uncle Tan’s Kelong for a big group of 12. One can BYO, so we had a lot of drinks with us on board the board. Getting there was pretty effortless. Once we were all at the ferry terminal, J gave a call to the uncle who arranged for the charter to come pick us up. From the jetty, it was another 5 – 10 minutes to the Kelong. Continue reading

Crab in da Bag

Crab in da bag is the place you go to with good friends. Really good friends who have no qualms getting their fingers dirty with you, finger lickin good dirty. As J remarked, this is not the place for the first date. Interestingly though, Crab in da Bag is located in a place which is ideal for the romantic evening walk. Oh well!

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New Ubin Seafood

April is the month of birthdays in my family. This year, we decided to have a joint birthday lunch and celebrate good old hearty finger licking style by having seafood lunch at New Ubin Seafood. It’s located in an industrial area of Singapore – cars are definitely needed to get to this place, which is quite ironic considering that the restaurant is surrounded by a whole ring of car workshops.  Continue reading