Taipei: Choose me Cafe & Meals

One of my favourite features of Taiwan is the number of themed cafes that keep popping up all over the city. Each cafe strives to be different from the other, and in some way, most manage to create a distinctive feature of their own. During my latest trip to Taipei, I was really eager to visit Choose me Cafe which was rather famous for their “cartoon” cakes. Continue reading

Taipei: Yong Kang Beef Noodle

If Singaporeans argue over where is the better chicken rice, I suppose Taiwanese would beg to differ with each other on whether is the better beef noodles.

Yes, we actually some a glimpse of this conversation where our Taipei based friends insisted that Yong Kang was the place to eat beef noodles. So this is a eating trip right (culture totally took a back seat here), so after our first xiao long bao lunch, we actually headed to Yong Kang beef noodles for our second lunch.  Continue reading

Taipei: 红翻天生猛海鲜Hong Fan Tian Live Seafood

This was a restaurant located really near our hotel which our friends brought us to for dinner. Feels like one of those fresh seafood places we see around in Singapore, where you select which seafood you like and they cook it on the spot. Of course, the freshness is likely to be better and as we found out, the prices were very very decent as well. We rushed here (kinda) after a day of taking photos around the CKS Memorial Hall, including this rather funny shot below:


Continue reading

Taipei: 盛園絲瓜小籠湯包 Sheng Yuan Si Gua Xiao Long Bao

I’m so glad that when S and J brought us to eat xiao long bao, they did not bring us to din tai fung, but to another XLB place, which they said was just as good and one of their favourite places. We have din tai fung in Singapore, so I did not really fancy visiting it again, even though the flagship Taiwanese branch is super famous. Continue reading

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

When I first stepped onto the location on the 4th floor of Somerset 313 where Hai Di Lao, it was like stepping into a war zone. There were dozens of people sitting around on stools, people running up and down to this women dressed in a chinese waitress uniform. Heck, the restaurant did not even have a reception table. It was just this lone Chinese lady “bouncer” with a clipboard.  Continue reading

Ta Lu Prawn Noodles

Occasionally, when I have the time (or when I’m in need of a brief respite from work), I attend week day mass at China Square. It’s a quick thirty minute service, but amazingly, the space is often crowded and full. Lunch after service often has to be quick and nearby. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this pretty good prawn noodle eatery on the second floor of China Square. Most weeks it’s pretty crowded, but sometimes the queue is not that long and that’s when I brave the lines to get my prawn mee fix.  Continue reading

Tung Lok Xi He Peking Duck

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a friend, but life happens and when that friend calls the gang up for the last dinner before she flies out of Singapore, you try your hardest to make it, even when work is literally killing you. So this is what happened two weeks ago, the RGL gang met up for one last time for a local-ish dinner at Tung Lok Xi He to have some peking duck and chilli crab. Even J made it, despite just flying back from Myanmar that afternoon and being done with food poisoning. Continue reading