Yogyakarta: Bakso Telkom Utomo

This is the third post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

I told our driver that in lieu of an “atas” restaurant that I had previously chosen, I wanted to eat Bakso instead. He brought us to Bakso Telkom which apparently has received rave reviews and is known among locals for their bakso. I did a brief search on trip advisor the night before we went, but the reviews were all in bahasa Indonesian which I could not read though I did note that high ratings were given. Oh well, I just had to trust our driver then.  Continue reading

Yogyakarta: jeJamuran

This is the second post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

We came here for a late lunch after an activity filled morning when we visited Borobudur during the sunrise and the museum Ullen Sentaru shortly after. Lots of driving around, so we were pretty hungry once we arrived. jeJamuran is basically a mushroom restaurant. It serves everything mushrooms in several different ways. It’s quite the interesting concept and seems really popular. Even though we were there for a late lunch, the place was still pretty crowded.  Continue reading

Yogyakarta: Ayam Goreng Suharti

A new travel food series! Just been on a long weekend trip to Yogyakarta since it’s been long on my bucket list to see Borobudur. We did that and caught the sunrise at the monument. Besides that, we also had a taste of the culinary cuisine in Yogya. Yogya cuisine is slightly different from that of other Indonesian cities such as Jakarta and there are some dishes unique to the city that even local Indonesians travel to try! Continue reading

Nongcakeja Thai Food

When J told me that we were going to have lunch at this nondescript Thai place at the Adelphi, the first thought that came to mind was “how the f*** did you guys find out about this place.”

It doesn’t have the best location. It’s located on the second floor of a building that most people would not step into unless there was a specific shop they wanted to visit. I guess that if you’re that good, word of mouth really makes the publicity rounds for you.  Continue reading

Heng Long Teochew Porridge

We came here for a round of supper despite having a really big seafood dinner earlier at Uncle Tan’s Kelong. I suppose that we were all started to feel the heavy aftermath of too much alcohol and wanted something simple and filling to fill our stomachs (again). Once the suggestion was made that we should go for some teochew porridge, everyone immediately concurred.  Continue reading

O’ma spoon

When I was younger, our favourite shaved ice dessert was ice kachang. Then when I was a teen, the Taiwanese snow flake dessert was the rage. Today, it is the Korean bingsu (Korean ice dessert) that is all the rage in Singapore. In the past year, numerous bingsu places have sprung up all over Singapore, all almost selling the same or similar flavours. One outlet that gets quite a lot of recommendation is O’ma spoon. Their outlets are located rather centrally, which makes for easy access.  Continue reading

Uncle Tan Kelong

It’s not everyday that one gets to ride a boat charter to a kelong for a seafood dinner. Had the lucky privilege to do so just a few days ago. J organized a seafood dinner at Uncle Tan’s Kelong for a big group of 12. One can BYO, so we had a lot of drinks with us on board the board. Getting there was pretty effortless. Once we were all at the ferry terminal, J gave a call to the uncle who arranged for the charter to come pick us up. From the jetty, it was another 5 – 10 minutes to the Kelong. Continue reading