Ash & Elm

So a few weeks after my Masterchef experience, we actually went back to Intercontinental Hotel, this time to the actual Ash & Elm restaurant for lunch. This time, it had none of the Masterchef decor and it was a much quieter atmosphere. I guess that if not for G’s amex deal, we would not have come here at all. As expected, the restaurant was pretty empty, save for a few families and couples (perhaps also using the same discount and deal that we had). Continue reading

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Months ago, I had briefly mentioned about my failed attempt to visit the Fabulous Baker Boy. Didn’t leave me with good first impressions, but not that bad that I struck it off my “to visit” list altogether. It took a while, but finally the opportunity came for me to visit the cafe for a meal. This time, I took care to make a booking.

Continue reading

Masterchef Experience Singapore

This was a pop up Masterchef event organized at Ash & Elm, Intercontinental Singapore from 25 November – 9 December 2016. We went for the lunch session – A, M & I. We’re all vivid Masterchef fans, though I prefer the US version while A&M prefer the Australian version. Nonetheless, it does not matter which version you like since the pop up featured Masterchef contestants from the US, Australian and Asia series. Of course, we were also very proud that the winner of the Masterchef Asia was a Singaporean! Continue reading

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

After trying the crab broth ramen at the Keisuke outlet at Cineleisure Orchard, it seemed natural that one also had to try their lobster ramen at Clarke Quay. Finally, I managed to find a time to go down to the Clarke Quay which only opens from 6pm onwards in the evenings (I really do wish they would consider opening during lunch time as well!) Continue reading


A few weeks back, I had dinner with my classmates and was introduced to Krave – a hippy cafe selling western food at Bali Lane. My classmates chose Krave mainly because (a) it’s halal certified, which is really a good tidbit to know when organizing outings for Muslim friends and (b) Krave is also located near the Sultan Mosque, which makes it a convenient location for those who need to say prayers.  Continue reading