Club Meatballs

An obsession with chalking up points won me an eating voucher at Club Meatballs. It’s an interesting concept, offering a menu based around meatballs, and not just the beef kind. The restaurant serves meatballs made from beef, pork, chicken, salmon and even vegetarian meatballs. Was able to have meals there on two separate occasions since they didn’t accept my voucher the first time round (it being a public holiday). Hence, we got a try a variety of dishes from the menu. Continue reading

The Assembly Ground

The Cathay is one of the few shopping centers that is located near my university. It has a small selection of eating places, but I like it because it tends to be quieter than other shopping centers and hence, I’m more likely to find a seat if I need to chill for a few hours. Continue reading

Market Grill

A few months earlier, I had written about my visit to Meat Smith, the sister restaurant of Market Grill. Though Market Grill has been around for much longer, I have yet to visit the place till now. My first impressions of the place when I walked in was that the concept seemed very similar to Meat Smith. The menu also focused heavily on grilled meats, though Market Grill does offer a seafood section (notably lobster) that stands out. The emphasis here seems to be on the different cuts of the cow and the vibe seems a little more relaxed than Meat Smith (just a little). Continue reading

Meat Smith

Meat Smith is the sister outlet to the ever popular Burnt Ends (which is very very difficult to score reservations at). While Meat Smith does not take reservations unless you’re a big group of 8 and above, given the bigger restaurant space, the odds of getting a table is much higher than at Burnt Ends. The focus of the restaurant is on smoked meats, so don’t waste your time on ordering salads at this place, you’re unlikely to get much satisfaction if you do.  Continue reading