Ah Koong Restaurant

A new food court has reopened on the street opposite school and B came into class one day raving about the new yong tau foo stall and how we all simply had to try it. So the food blogger in me was pretty intrigued and I did. After a bit of research, I realized that the yong tau fu stall has it origins from Johor Bahru, Malaysia where its flagship restaurant is located.  Continue reading

KL: Shin Kee Beef Noodles

This is the fifth post of my eating adventures in Malaysia (2015). Previous posts can be found here.

When I first came to KL to visit D, this was one of the first few places he brought me to. Sadly though, in my other visits since then, we’ve not been back. This time, I requested to go back again, as I still remembered how awesome the bowl of noodles was (after so many years!) and that became the dinner plan. Apparently, in the evenings, the owners shift location to a stall on Petaling Street, which is where we went for my beef noodles fix. Continue reading

KL: Madam Kwan’s

This is the fourth post of my eating adventures in Malaysia (2015). Previous posts can be found here.

Madam Kwan is like the Violet Oon of Singapore. A very accomplished cook, a person who has dedicated many years to achieving the perfect recipe and has been recognized nationally for her efforts. Similar to Violet Oon, Madam Kwan serves her food in comfortable air conditioned restaurants and such comforts are reflected in the prices. Interestingly, Madam Kwan’s nasi lemak has been recommended as one of Malaysia’s best nasi lemak and she has recently opened a branch in Singapore’s Vivocity.  Continue reading

Ipoh Lou Yau bean sprouts chicken

Singapore is often known as a ‘melting pot’. That is, a place where all cultures and traditions come together. Sometimes, new ones get created, other times, the existing ones persevere through because they are just so well kept. The same goes for food. Despite our immigrant history, Singapore does have some dishes that are uniquely ours – hokkien mee, carrot cake, bak chor mee, chicken rice just to name a few. When I was overseas, I missed these dishes with great longing. My Malaysian friends (also Singapore’s closest neighbours) often beg to disagree, complaining that Singapore food is too bland, and Malaysian food just has so much more flavour in it. Hence, when this new eatery selling Ipoh hor fun opened up near my house, it seemed like a good opportunity to try something which has often been raved about, but I’ve never had the chance to try. Continue reading