Taipei: Choose me Cafe & Meals

One of my favourite features of Taiwan is the number of themed cafes that keep popping up all over the city. Each cafe strives to be different from the other, and in some way, most manage to create a distinctive feature of their own. During my latest trip to Taipei, I was really eager to visit Choose me Cafe which was rather famous for their “cartoon” cakes.IMG_0600

Originally, the plan was that I would land in Taipei around lunch and then check in to the hotel before heading over to the cafe for a late lunch. As luck would have it (or not), I had some work emails to send out and I did not get a chance to leave the hotel till it was nearly 6. And did I mention that I had an existing reservation for Mume at 8.30 that very same night?

Well, it didn’t make sense still to go hungry till 8.30pm, so I decided to visit the cafe anyways. Well, I was here for the cakes, but it wasn’t enough, so I ordered a main as well:

I had one of their pasta specialties – basil pasta with nuts and taiwanese pork chop. This was surprisingly very good. The basil sauce was tasty and refreshing. The crispyness of the pork chop and the nuts added a nice texture contrast. I actually ended finishing the dish (though I really did not expect to).


So yes, as mentioned, the cafe is rather famous for its “cartoon” cakes. The cakes also seem to match the flavours. Eg. the totoro cake is a black sesame cheesecake, and the monster inc cake is a matcha cake.


I had the totoro cheesecake 🙂 One thing I did not know is that the cafe actually encourages you to order these cakes in advance. I didn’t, but thankfully they were actually able to accommodate me then. Other than looking real cute and perfect for instagram photos, the black sesame cheesecake was really tasty as well. I was a bit stuffed by then and mindful of my other reservation, but the staff is happy to box any leftovers if you want to take it back to eat.


If cute “instagrammable” cakes are your thing, then be sure to check out this cafe. However, their mains are also worth trying and the cafe itself is quite a hip area to chill for the afternoon.

Add:  No. 423-1, Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

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