Super Simple

I’ve discovered a new takeaway lunch place and it’s conveniently located near China Square, which is perfect whenever I attend lunch time services in town. The concept is really similar to the likes of the Daily Cut and Wafuken. Basically, you pick your protein, sides and accompanying sauce. While perhaps not having as much variety as Daily Cut, I’e come to appreciate the generous portions and the quick efficiency of service at Super Simple. Continue reading

Kyuu Kei Udon x Soba

I’ve written about the sore lack of tsukemen in Singapore, despite the dish being quite perfect for Singapore’s weather. I may have to take that back. A new restaurant has opened up below my office building which specialises in tsukemen. It has a short menu. You start by choosing your broth – (a) tonkotsu broth or (b) lobster broth. Next, pick your protein – (i) pork chashu or (ii) fried chicken kaarage. Add ons include onsen eggs etc.  Continue reading

Fu Lin Yong Tofu

A few years ago, my classmate brought me here for lunch during our internship period in Raffles Place and I’ve never stopped coming back since. It feels almost like a secret hideout of sorts as you walk through the buildings and take the escalator down to the basement of the Hong Leong Building where in a small corner of the building, the yong tofu stall is located. Continue reading

Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice

Had a dental appointment that overran and by the time I stepped out of the clinic, it was almost two. Headed down to Golden Shoe Food Centre and thankfully a few of the stalls were still open. Opted to have some Hainanese curry rice. Despite the late lunch timing, there was still a queue which remained constant while I was having my lunch Continue reading