Taipei: Mume

There are Michelin star restaurants and then there is the Asia 50 Best Restaurant List. Some restaurants make it to both, if there is a Michelin guide for their country, but in others where Michelin has yet to officially issue a guidebook, the Asia 50 Best Restaurant List is another alternative when looking for fine dining options in a particular country. Continue reading

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen has been opened in Singapore for quite a while now to much fanfare. Numerous commercial food bloggers have already written about it. However, I tend to think that the experience from media tastings and eating there as a paying customer can be quite different. Further, being a huge fan of Masterchef and having watched many episodes of Gordon Ramsey propounding on the proper ways for cooking food, I was really keen on seeing whether this translated to his own restaurants – which admittedly is run and executed by appointed sous chefs and not the man himself. Continue reading


I’ve always been fascinated by Lollapalooza, the sister restaurant of Lolla. I’m a fan favourite of Lolla (their sea urchin remains one their stand out dishes for me). For years, I’ve been meaning to try this place. Unfortunately, my friends had already taken that step before me and did not come away with good impressions. Hence, it was difficult to convince any of them to come back with me so that I could check the place out myself.  Continue reading