Keisuke – Crab broth ramen

Much has been written about Chef Keisuke Takeda, including this recent Straits Times article. It is not uncommon to see long queues outside his ramen outlets. I remember once too many years ago, my sister pulled me to his tonkotsu king ramen shop in Tanjong Pagar and how delighted we were to have ‘free eggs’ to enjoy along with the ramen soup. Continue reading

Crabmeat Wonton Mee

Rare lunch time outing with M, so I decided to drag her with me to try crabmeat wonton mee noodles at MacPherson Road, courtesy of a blog post I saw here. Fortunately, it’s near our house, so an easy ten minute drive and we were there just shortly before the lunch time crowd descended. Continue reading

Old School Delights

One of my biggest grips about the eating scene in Singapore is the relative difficulty in getting a decent bowl of mee siam or mee rebus. It’s a relatively simple (but tedious to make) malay noodle dish and the key to a good bowl of mee siam or mee rebus is in its gravy. Rarely any protein is used, except maybe if you count prawns in the Nonya versions of mee siam and it’s typically quite vegetarian in nature. Continue reading

Andong Zzimdak

Bar lectures have started and for the past week, my classmates and I found ourselves trudging to the so familiar shopping centre of Raffles City for lunch. Many a time, a comment could be heard that we should be looking to find other nearby alternatives instead of heading to the foodcourt each time. Finally on Thursday, I did some googling and realized that a new Korean place had opened in the basement. Finally! Somewhere new and interesting we could try in between lectures Continue reading

Dulcet & Studio

Coming here wasn’t my original intention. We had intended to go to Cake Spade (which ended up being closed, then for our second choice, we went to the Fabulous Baker Boy at Clarke Quay, but when we got there at around 2pm, we were told by the service staff that they were not accepting any more new customers – too full – and by the time any table would be free, the kitchen would be closed by then. G was quite incredulous when she heard when we got turned away – that seriously rarely happens. That’s how we ended up at Dulcet & Studio. Luckily, the third time’s a charm and we managed to snag a table and some delicious cakes for our mother-daughter(s) catch up.  Continue reading

Twins Korean Restaurant

Korean fried chicken has been the rage for quite a while. I had a slight taste of it during my trip to 4 fingers quite a while back. Recently too, to celebrate our retention, my colleagues had treated us to Korean fried chicken and I quite enjoyed it.

For some reason, the craving had hit again yesterday and I spent some time doing some research online on where the popular places in Singapore were for Korean fried chicken. Ironically, I did not find as many reviews as expected. Perhaps the craze has died down? I decided to check out Twins at Craig Road since the reviews (while written quite a while back) seem quite good and I figured that prices seemed reasonable as well, especially if one went during lunch. Continue reading

Chong Wen Ge Cafe

I had some time to myself last Friday. I decided to make treat myself to a leisurely lunch at a cafe which was located a train station stop away from my office and located next to a heritage Chinese template no less. It felt quite weird to deliberately pack up at a quarter to noon and when a colleague actually asked where I was going, I just quickly answered “lunch” and sped out of the office.  Continue reading


Whenever I’m looking for a quick lunch spot, I tend to head over to Asia Square. Lots of space, different varieties of food and it’s often to get a seat if one goes there after 1pm (Yeah, late lunches happen a lot when you’re a trainee). The queue at Wafuken – a hip healthy Japanese fusion place is often long, but one day I decided to just try it and see what the hype was all about. Continue reading