Nam Nam Noodle Bar

I once met a Vietnamese friend for lunch and while trying to decide where to eat at Raffles City, I asked her whether Nam Nam was authentic Vietnamese food. She wrinkled her nose and said no. Continue reading

South East Sliders (At Laneway)

I was so happy that when I first asked J if she wanted to go to Laneway with me, she said yes with no hesitation. After all lunch at db bistro (previous post), we made our way to Gardens by the Bay and found a spot where we could relax and watch the line up of bands. By 6 plus, we decided that it was time to get some food into our bellies, having been drinking since lunch time (remember our db cocktails?). J went hunting and came back with these delicious sliders and nachos! Continue reading

db Bistro Moderne

Back again at MBS, but this time for a different reason because of Laneway Festival! (A quick post on that later). J suggested that we try Daniel Boulud’s bistro for lunch and so we went. This was not my first time at DB, I had celebrated my birthday there two years ago and I had a great time there. If one were to mention DB, one always gushes about their burger in which the patties are made out of braised short ribs and foie gras. Having tried that already, I was keen to see what else the restaurant had to offer besides what was already tried, tested and famous. Continue reading

Tim Ho Wan

I’m sure that there are numerous blog reviews about Tim Ho Wan out there, well here’s one more to the list. I confess that I did not even know what the big deal about Tim Ho Wan was until it opened many months later in Singapore. I had initially thought, ok, just another dim sum place with Singaporeans queuing up for, because it is the latest place to go. Boy, was I so wrong. The spiel that makes you sit up is that “Tim Ho Wan is known for being a michelin star dim sum restaurant BUT serving food at reasonable prices.” And by reasonable, we mean that most of us could afford could go eat there every weekend if we so wish to. Continue reading

Leftover omelette

Typical Saturday morning. Woke up late in the morning and went poking around in the fridge for food. Found none that seem to appeal to me for a quick brunch meal and was too lazy to step out of the house to get something, hence I decided to put something together quickly. The key word here, being “quickly”. Continue reading