Original Sin

Original Sin is one of those restaurants which everyone talks about and is very famous for its vegetarian cuisine. However, it’s one of those restaurants which I admittedly would never take the initiative to go to. Vegetarian is really not my thing, I do love my protein. Hence, it’s only by chance that I finally got to visit this place because one of our friends was on a temporary vegetarian diet and therefore chose this place.  Continue reading

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Months ago, I had briefly mentioned about my failed attempt to visit the Fabulous Baker Boy. Didn’t leave me with good first impressions, but not that bad that I struck it off my “to visit” list altogether. It took a while, but finally the opportunity came for me to visit the cafe for a meal. This time, I took care to make a booking.

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Masterchef Experience Singapore

This was a pop up Masterchef event organized at Ash & Elm, Intercontinental Singapore from 25 November – 9 December 2016. We went for the lunch session – A, M & I. We’re all vivid Masterchef fans, though I prefer the US version while A&M prefer the Australian version. Nonetheless, it does not matter which version you like since the pop up featured Masterchef contestants from the US, Australian and Asia series. Of course, we were also very proud that the winner of the Masterchef Asia was a Singaporean! Continue reading


This is the eleventh post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

Our first morning in Reykjavik, we woke up at 8 to a city still in the dark. Further, it was raining and windy. After picking up the car, we decided to drive a few streets into town for breakfast. Having read about it in the guidebooks, I suggested that we check out Sandholt and when we reached the bakery/cafe at around 9.30 in the morning, outside was still pitch black and the rain had not stopped. If anything, we were thankful to step into the warm and toasty cafe. Continue reading

REYKJAVÍK: The Fish Company

This is the tenth post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

The Fish Company was actually the first restaurant we ate at when in Reykavik. We arrived in late evening and luckily, our air bnb apartment for the night was located right in the city centre and the Fish Company was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Plus, we had the Iceland visitor visa credit card which gave us a 10% discount off the bill. Continue reading