Dulcet & Studio

Coming here wasn’t my original intention. We had intended to go to Cake Spade (which ended up being closed, then for our second choice, we went to the Fabulous Baker Boy at Clarke Quay, but when we got there at around 2pm, we were told by the service staff that they were not accepting any more new customers – too full – and by the time any table would be free, the kitchen would be closed by then. G was quite incredulous when she heard when we got turned away – that seriously rarely happens. That’s how we ended up at Dulcet & Studio. Luckily, the third time’s a charm and we managed to snag a table and some delicious cakes for our mother-daughter(s) catch up. 


Dulcet & Studio is pretty much a self service place. Grab a table first, then order. It is part of the Tanpopo group and is pretty much known for its Japanese style sponge cakes. We had a slice of the strawberry short cake, the Banana baileys cake and the matcha cream puff.

In general, I thought the cakes were pretty light and fluffy, not too dense. The slices were pretty big, but surprisingly quite easy to finish. I must say that the Japanese bakeries definitely have perfected the technique of creating light fluffy cake textures.

My only gripe of the strawberry shortcake was the proportioning. Too little strawberries vis a vis the sponge!


We really enjoyed the banana baileys cake, a pretty good combination!


And just because this was a Japanese cafe, we got the matcha cream puff instead of the original.


I think that Dulcet & Studio is a nice, cozy place to have afternoon tea and nice cakes. The self service portion does throw people off since there are actually wait staff walking around serving and cleaning up tables. Further, we spent quite a while waiting for our drinks. We actually finished our cakes way before the drinks were served. When I checked with the wait staff, we were just told that there was a huge backlog at the drinks counter and we just had to wait. That was a bit surprising for me, and certainly did not leave me too impressed with the service. However, if you can overlook that, then Dulcet & Studio should be a consideration whenever one is in or around Liang Court.

Add: #01-41/42, Liang Court, 177River Valley Road

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