REYKJAVÍK: The Fish Company

This is the tenth post in the overseas trip series to Iceland and London

The Fish Company was actually the first restaurant we ate at when in Reykavik. We arrived in late evening and luckily, our air bnb apartment for the night was located right in the city centre and the Fish Company was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Plus, we had the Iceland visitor visa credit card which gave us a 10% discount off the bill.

The restaurant has a pretty formal, yet hippy vibe to it. Upon entry, we could see a wall full of post it notes (notes from customers?). However, the restaurant was pretty dimly lit and rather quiet, giving off the formal air.

The restaurant had an interesting way of naming their dishes – according to countries. First, we started with off with bread and some interesting butters (apply maple butter and spring onion butter) and an amuse bouche of goose, red cabbage and nuts. The spring onion butter was a table favourite.


It being a seafood restaurant, we all went for seafood dishes, ranging from:

Iceland (Finest fish) – A range of fish ranging from perch, halibut and cod.

Iceland (Beer) – slow cooked arctic char, fried Icelandic lobster, scallop, beer glazed sun chokes and apple globes

For both dishes, the fish was cooked well, and I was really excited to try Icelandic lobster for the first time – which was delicious

Since we had such good mains, we decided to go for dessert as well. At first, I thought that we were going to share but was quickly corrected by J who was convinced that we could all have one dessert each and more.

As it turns out, out of the 5 dessert offerings, we had 4 of them

China (Blood Orange) – caramelized white chocolate ganache & warm dulce cake, blood orange sorbet and tangerine curd, with roasted hazelnuts

Finland (carrot) – ginger mousse and carrot cake, marshmallows, and carrot sorbet.

Cuba (Mint) – soft chocolate mousse filled with praline, lime & mint gel, crystalized almonds, peppermint sorbet and chocolate rocks

Iceland (Rhubarb) – white chocolate cake and brown cheese custard, caramelized oats and toast crumble, rhubarb sorbet

If I had to pick one, the Cuba (Mint) was my favourite – the mint jelly was the best. For our first meal / dinner in Iceland, this restaurant certainly set the bar for the rest of our trip in Iceland. I must say that we were pleasantly surprised at the food scene in Iceland, there is definitely good food to be had here.

Add: Vesturgata 2a, Grófin, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

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