The Fabulous Baker Boy

Months ago, I had briefly mentioned about my failed attempt to visit the Fabulous Baker Boy. Didn’t leave me with good first impressions, but not that bad that I struck it off my “to visit” list altogether. It took a while, but finally the opportunity came for me to visit the cafe for a meal. This time, I took care to make a booking.

The first thing that really caught my eye was the lovely cake display. Rows of layered cakes and even more in the fridge next to it!

There are some very creative names for the cakes, like the “Diana Ross” to “Katy Perry”. The presentation of the cakes are also so pretty that you are literally spoilt for choice.

But first, we had to have our brunch first. The cakes would come later (though we did have some troubles picking the two to share).

One of the two brunch dishes we had was the almond crusted salmon with a mango hollandaise. A baked salmon dish is pretty common, but it was the mango hollandaise that caught my eye. Interestingly, it had the right balance between sweet and savoury. I thought it went very well with the baked salmon.

The second brunch item we had was the kampung chicken pot pie – basically curry chicken in a pie.

Now on to the cakes. It was so hard to choose, but the first one we had was the Lady Marmalade, which was buttermilk sponge filed with (of course) marmalade and a lemony cream cheese and puff pastry.

The second was the Fabulous Baker Boy’s version of the Hummingbird cake, which is a banana-pineapple spice cake. We had previously tried the Cake Spade Hummingbird cake and agreed that the Fabulous Baker Boy’s version had the slight edge. The frosting and the crunch bits were absolutely divine.

Between the two cakes, I preferred the Hummingbird cake, but that’s not to say that Lady Marmalade was bad! I just found the Lady Marmalade cake to be on the sweeter side (than what I normally would have like), so it was difficult to finish the cake.

J and I agreed that the best part of the meal was the dessert. Our brunch mains were good but not as memorable as the cakes we had. If we had to come back again, it would definitely be for the cakes and not so much for the mains.

Address: 70 River Valley Rd

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