Hamburg: Zum Alten Lotsenhaus

On my last night in Hamburg, J and I walked to this restaurant near her house to have another of Hamburg’s local specialties: sole with north sea shrimps. It was a beautiful evening, it had been a cloudless day and it was still pretty warm even though the sun was setting. The restaurant is located pretty near the ferry station Neumühlen which connected residents of the area all the way to Landungsbrücken Brücke 3 in the city. Continue reading

Hamburg: Alt Hamburger Aalspeicher

During my research on places to eat in Hamburg, Alt Hamburger Aalspeicher kept popping up as a recommended place to have Hamburg specialties, in particular, eel. In general, being so near the sea, Hamburg is well known for its seafood like white fish, shrimps and eel. At first, I was not really sure on how to get to this restaurant. I did not have 3G in Hamburg which made navigating a little tougher, especially on tourist maps. However, during my walking tour, we actually walked right past this restaurant and I recognized the exterior from the millions of pictures that I had seen during my research. The location turned out to be really convenient too! It is actually located just across the bridge leading to Hafen city and the old warehouses (where the Hamburg dungeons and miniature museum is) and it was the perfect lunch place while waiting for my turn to be allowed into the museum. Continue reading


And now we’re on to Hamburg! So I didn’t spend my entire two weeks in Europe in Switzerland (though I would not have minded so much). I made plans to visit a friend in Hamburg (which is only a short plane ride away). It was my first time to the city and I really enjoyed myself ALOT. Hamburg has a nice mix of old and new and despite the grey weather, it is quite an exciting city to be in.  Continue reading

Zurich: Zeughauskeller

Zeughauskeller is a very well known Swiss beer hall among locals and tourists. It is so well-known that the restaurant is smart enough to have menus in several languages for its many visitors. I had the chance to eat here after my day trip to Bern with Iz. We were quite lucky because even though we were without reservations, we were able to get a table after about a 30 minute wait.  Continue reading

Zurich: Le Dézaley

I feel really lucky to have friends all around the world. It really makes a difference when you’re visiting their country and they give you all the insider local tips that allow you to enjoy the country even more. When I told Iz that I really wanted to have cheese fondue while in Switzerland, she did not hesitate to book a restaurant, even though technically fondue is a winter dish and we were deep in the middle of summer. Continue reading

Basel: Fischerstube

One of the things that I feel really lucky about my trip to Switzerland was the weather. When I first arrived, I had a planned my entire week, but I had to rearrange that after Iz told me that the weather forecast wasn’t looking good and to save the good days for the mountains and the not so good days for the cities. However, the entire week when I was in Switzerland, I had good weather throughout. The rain forecast kept being pushed further and further back. Everyday turned out to be warm and sunny for the most part. Some days were cloudy, but the rain that kept threatening to fall never came. The weekend when I went to Basel with Iz and P was not exception.  Continue reading