Tokyo: Tapas Molecular Bar

This is the eighth post on my eating adventures to Tokyo. All other posts can be found here

J enjoys molecular gastronomy meals, as our previous visit to Labyrinth attests. While researching on places to eat in Tokyo, I came across Tapas Molecular Bar, which has received 1 michelin star in the last two years. After reading a few blog posts, I was convinced that J would love this place. As it turns out, this turned out to be the most entertaining meal we had in Tokyo, and also the most expensive 🙂

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Molecular Gastronomy – it’s not a word that one hears often in Singapore. I confess that I know little about it as well, other than that it’s the manipulation of the physical and chemical structures of food using food science. It’s extremely technical and has received mixed reviews among chefs and foodies alike. Continue reading