Blue Ginger

While I was in Switzerland, I got a message from a dear friend whom I had not seen in years. After one false attempt in coming to Singapore, he was finally coming to Singapore and as luck would have it, I would be back in time to meet up for dinner. Knowing that he was really keen to have some local food, I suggested dinner at Blue Ginger, a Nonya restaurant which was also located near his hotel. Continue reading

Guan Hoe Soon

Was in the mood for Nonya, after having a brief deja vu of the wonderful Nonya cuisine I enjoyed at Lime’s buffet. M suggested going back East to Guan Hoe Soon which she had spied during our last lunch outing enroute to Sinpopo. Guan Hoe Soon had been around since 1953 (more than half a century) and M remembered the restaurant as Guan Hoe Soon also caters for parties and some of her friends had used Guan Hoe Soon previously to good reviews. Continue reading