Blue Ginger

While I was in Switzerland, I got a message from a dear friend whom I had not seen in years. After one false attempt in coming to Singapore, he was finally coming to Singapore and as luck would have it, I would be back in time to meet up for dinner. Knowing that he was really keen to have some local food, I suggested dinner at Blue Ginger, a Nonya restaurant which was also located near his hotel.


Like A, it was my first time here and reservations are certainly essential. Despite it being a Monday night, the restaurant was packed! As with a typical Nonya meal, we were served achar (spicy pickled vegetables) to start. I love achar, so I was definitely picking at this the entire night.

The funny thing is that despite being Asian, A is really bad at spicy food. Hence, when he requested for a prawn dish, we got the prawns with pepper and sweet dark sauce instead. These were really good. The prawns were fresh and very juicy. The sauce was excellent.

Babi pong tay – Stewed pork shoulder with preserved bean paste flavored with cinnamon bark. A loved this a lot. Enough said.

We also got a soup to share – Itek Tim – Duck and pork knuckles served with salted cabbage and sour plums. This is one of my favourite Nonya dishes and I liked Blue Ginger’s rendition. A and I returned for many servings.

Of course, no dish is complete without vegetables. We ordered kangkong with cuttlefish and sambal which was executed well. I really like it when you get the shrimp flavour from the sambal and it’s not all just chilli. Poor A couldn’t handle the spicy-ness though!

We enjoyed all the dishes at Blue Ginger. A kept saying that the food was really good (he had several helpings!), which was a huge relief for me since it was my first time too! Service was pretty efficient and the food came really fast. Definitely a place that I would keep on my radar when I have friends visiting Singapore or just in the mood for Nonya food. The portions can be quite small, so do expect to spend around $40-$50 per person.

Add: 97 Tanjong Pagar Road

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