Guan Hoe Soon

Was in the mood for Nonya, after having a brief deja vu of the wonderful Nonya cuisine I enjoyed at Lime’s buffet. M suggested going back East to Guan Hoe Soon which she had spied during our last lunch outing enroute to Sinpopo. Guan Hoe Soon had been around since 1953 (more than half a century) and M remembered the restaurant as Guan Hoe Soon also caters for parties and some of her friends had used Guan Hoe Soon previously to good reviews.


There is a huge variety of Nonya and Chinese options on the menu. Luckily, one of the staff was quick to notice our indecision and came over to give some recommendations which we mostly accepted. Food also came out really fast, I barely had time to snap a photo of the first dish before the next one came out.

Ngoh Hiang – Solid execution. No complaints.

He Peow (fish maw) Soup – Not really a Nonya dish in origin, but something we were all familiar with (being Teochew). It’s not a fancy dish, but terribly comforting if you’re looking for home cooked style food. This is the kind of food most of us Singaporeans would shed tears over after coming back from years of overseas studies, severely deprived of grandparent’s cooking. We polished the bowl off.

Ayam Buah Keluak – I thought the chicken was cooked well, and I really enjoyed the gravy off dish dish. Between this and the Ikan Assam Pedas, I was literally soaking my rice with the gravies. Love the sourish ‘assam’ tastes of Nonya food.

Nonya Chap Chye – homestyle cooking done well. I was pretty pleased with this dish, especially with the generous helping of mushrooms. However, M felt that there was a bit too much tao cheong in the dish – IE increased salt levels. I guess M has a lower tolerance to salt, just like how I have a lower tolerance to sugar.

Ikan Assam Pedas – the moment M had some of the fish, she commented that the fish had been frozen. Wow, spot on analysis. The meat did taste a little dry. The assam did help to mask the ‘frozen’ taste to a certain extent, but not totally.

For a party of 3, we spent about $108 altogether. There is no service charge for this restaurant, but GST is included.

Add: 38 Joo Chiat Place

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