Examinations are ongoing now, so have not been eating out so much. However, last weekend was the little sis’s birthday, so I took the time to take her out for a nice meal. However, I confess, I got a little lazy and anxious about where to bring her. Italian? Local? Japanese? As the days led up, I made a quick decision. We were going to do a buffet so that we could have a bit of everything. So after having done some research, figured that Lime would be something nice to try – It had been getting some steady reviews on the quality of the food and it was also on the entertainment app. Score.

It’s quite hard to review every single dish, so I’ll mainly point out my favourites from the buffet. Again, I have to comment on being a food blogger. My sister and I both have our own blogs, so it wasn’t like a rush to get food the moment we arrived. Yes, we rushed to get food, but we were focused first on taking (good) pictures, and then displaying the food as nicely as we could before FINALLY digging in. I swear, the family at the next table to us were probably wondering why were we such show offs with our cameras and fancy plating!

I must say the hotel has a very “hanging gardens of babylon meets 21st century” vibe. Lots of glass, steel and greenery make up the architectural theme of the hotel and I love it! Lots of natural light shining through (great for taking pictures), and Lime keeps with the ‘green’ theme with the towering green matcha chocolate fondue that greets you once you enter the restaurant. Is it also crazy that I like the ‘clean lines’ through the restaurant?

Lime 20155

Like a typical buffet, there is a seafood, ham/salami, salad, cold meats selection. For salmon lovers, there is ample salmon available to satisfy your needs.

Lime 20152

Mains – I think this where Lime really shines through

International – I really enjoyed their duck breast with orange, seafood fricassee (which I noticed never really got replenished when we went back for seconds!), beef cheek with red wine sauce and their mash potatoes with cheese. These were really well executed and were highlights of the buffet for me.

Asian – Lime has a rather good selection of nonya peranankan dishes such kueh pie tee, ayam buah keluak, babi ponteh (pork and potato stew) and udang masak lemak nanas (prawn pineapple curry). This is quite a unique feature of Lime which I think sets it apart from other hotel buffets in Singapore. Furthermore, the dishes tasted just like ‘home cooked food’. I think that’s the proof needed.

Lime 20151

Lime also has a fresh pasta station (which I did not get to try this time), a roast beef station (awesome) and chilli crab. The chilli crab did not really grab my attention. I found the sauce a bit too sweet and thick for my liking. Plus, I like my crabs big. Frustration sets in when you spend too much time trying to dig out meat from really tiny pincers.  Lime 20153

Careful to start off with small bites at a time so that we could try a bit of everything. We also tried Lime’s signature roast chicken but this was just all right for us.

Lime 20154 The dessert bar is what greets you when you first come to the restaurant, and the layout is really very impressive. I was secretly looking out for the macarons that previous posts which covered Lime’s buffet talked about, but I did not find any this time. However, there’s still a healthy selection of chocolate mouse/cake, passionfruit cheesecake, blueberry tarts, Nonya kueh kuehs and lastly the restaurant was nice enough to give us a complimentary birthday cake for G.

Lime 2015

In all, we spent almost 3 hours eating! We left really stuffed and satisfied. Some hits and misses, but the mains are really well executed and something to consider coming back for. Staff are really attentive too and very polite (something I don’t always take for granted).

Add: ParkRoyal Hotel on Pickering. 3 Upper Pickering Street