Soup Stock Tokyo

My initial impressions of Soup Stock Tokyo were not very good. It was late, I was starving and the Soup Stock Tokyo outlet at Somerset seemed like a good choice at that time. I ordered the Odashi Tokyo “Soup Curry” Set (Sapporo) with much anticipation.  Continue reading

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

After trying the crab broth ramen at the Keisuke outlet at Cineleisure Orchard, it seemed natural that one also had to try their lobster ramen at Clarke Quay. Finally, I managed to find a time to go down to the Clarke Quay which only opens from 6pm onwards in the evenings (I really do wish they would consider opening during lunch time as well!) Continue reading

Fu Lin Yong Tofu

A few years ago, my classmate brought me here for lunch during our internship period in Raffles Place and I’ve never stopped coming back since. It feels almost like a secret hideout of sorts as you walk through the buildings and take the escalator down to the basement of the Hong Leong Building where in a small corner of the building, the yong tofu stall is located. Continue reading

Hock Gooi Hainanese Curry Rice

Had a dental appointment that overran and by the time I stepped out of the clinic, it was almost two. Headed down to Golden Shoe Food Centre and thankfully a few of the stalls were still open. Opted to have some Hainanese curry rice. Despite the late lunch timing, there was still a queue which remained constant while I was having my lunch Continue reading

Yogyakarta: House of Raminten

This is the fifth post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

House of Raminten gets a lot of mixed reviews for its food. It seems to be more known for its decor and quirky menu food names. However, since we were in Yogya for the first time, I figured that we should give the place a try. I also had fair warning from A, a local friend, that the food wasn’t really much to shout about. Continue reading

Yogyakarta: Gudeg Yu Djum

This is the fourth post in the travel series to Yogyakarta. All other travel posts can be found here.

Yogyakarta is synonymous with Gudeg – unripe jackfruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. It is rather sweet in flavour, but often eaten as part of a savoury dish. There are many gudeg places around Yogya, but the famous one that keeps popping up on Internet searches and the place that was also recommended by my Indonesian friend is Gudeg Yu Djum. There is an interesting photo essay on how Gudeg is prepared which can be seen here. Continue reading