Dutch Baby Cafe

When J first showed me a picture of a blogger’s latest post on Dutch Baby Cafe, my instinctive reaction was to say “Yes, let’s go” Thankfully, she was of the same sentiment, and we made arrangements to meet up for Saturday lunch to check the place out. Even though the name of the cafe is “Dutch Baby Cafe”, the concept was actually formed by a Japanese company. This explains the other Japanese inspired dishes on the menu.  Continue reading

Crab in da Bag

Crab in da bag is the place you go to with good friends. Really good friends who have no qualms getting their fingers dirty with you, finger lickin good dirty. As J remarked, this is not the place for the first date. Interestingly though, Crab in da Bag is located in a place which is ideal for the romantic evening walk. Oh well!

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I’ve always liked soba. Between soba and udon, I’ve always favoured soba noodles more. As such, when I discovered WHEAT, I was quite ecstatic. Typically, soba is served as a dish on its own. Restaurants try to pair soba with other Japanese side dishes such as tempura but sometimes the pairing seems forced than complimentary.  Continue reading

Aloha Poke

Interestingly enough, I was first introduced to Aloha Poke through its drinks, and not through its main food offering – raw fish salad. Attended a drinks party at Aloha Poke which was how I got to know about this unique raw fish salad bar. Following the drinks party, I returned to Aloha Poke on a few occasions, during lunch and dinner to try out its food menu. Continue reading