Boon Tong Kee

Chicken rice. It’s almost like the Singapore lunch staple. Every food court, coffee shop, hawker centre is bound to have a chicken rice stall at the very least. As such, it could be said that Singaporeans do take their chicken rice preferences rather seriously. Every component is important, from the rice to the chicken and the sauces.  Continue reading

Old School Delights

One of my biggest grips about the eating scene in Singapore is the relative difficulty in getting a decent bowl of mee siam or mee rebus. It’s a relatively simple (but tedious to make) malay noodle dish and the key to a good bowl of mee siam or mee rebus is in its gravy. Rarely any protein is used, except maybe if you count prawns in the Nonya versions of mee siam and it’s typically quite vegetarian in nature. Continue reading

New Ubin Seafood

April is the month of birthdays in my family. This year, we decided to have a joint birthday lunch and celebrate good old hearty finger licking style by having seafood lunch at New Ubin Seafood. It’s located in an industrial area of Singapore – cars are definitely needed to get to this place, which is quite ironic considering that the restaurant is surrounded by a whole ring of car workshops.  Continue reading

Canton Paradise

The beauty of having yum char is that you get variety and a lot of it. The bigger the group the better. Even if there is some dish you don’t really like, there will be other dishes to try. For this reason, in a big family with varying tastes, yum char is always a good idea. As usual, the issue is where to go. Admittedly, for this lunch, we chose Canton Paradise as it was located near home where it would be easy for everyone to meet up. Hence, we really had no expectations about the food. Continue reading