Tamaya Dining

Late dinner with M after having caught Insurgent earlier in the evening. Even though we both had Japanese the day before, we didn’t feel so jaded yet that we could still handle another round of Japanese cuisine. After walking through the various restaurants at Cuppage Terrace, we settled at Tamaya Dining, an Izakuya style place with some authentic Japanese seats! At first when the lady boss told us to take off our shoes, I panicked a little, thinking that I would have to be on my knees for the entire dinner, but voila, they had those terraced seats, so you can comfortably rest your feet on a lower platform.

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Neon Pigeon

It’s quite an exciting moment when you actually personally know someone who is opening up a new restaurant in Singapore and you can’t wait to go down and try their menu. Last Friday was one such occasion for me. The latest offering on Keong Saik road, Neon Pigeon, had just opened the Tuesday of the same week and after having missed out on the tasting sessions, Friday seemed like a good opportunity to try what this new establishment had to offer. The first thing you notice when you walk in is this huge pigeon graffiti on the wall followed by the open kitchen on the right and the bar right next to it. Decor is simple and minimal, we sat at one of the few high tables for dinner. Continue reading

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters 2.0

So it really wasn’t a question whether I would come back again despite my previous experience at Pacamara. I mean, I do live quite close here and I wasn’t just going to dismiss it completely just because of that one time. It turned out that I had more errands to run in the area last week, so I popped again and this time, I decided to try one of their more popular specials – the truffle eggs benedict ($18). I did toy with the idea of getting the red velvet pancakes, but I’m more of a savoury person than sweet (even for brunch meals) so I decide to push the red velvet pancakes to another time. I guess this time, because I knew what to do (IE: order at the counter, get your own water, pepper and salt on the side shelf etc), I didn’t feel so out of place. Continue reading


Skyve is located at what used to be known as Monk’s Hill secondary school. Incidentally, it was the secondary school that my brother used to go to and when I was much younger, we used to live at one of the condominiums further up the road. Decided to satisfy my western breakfast cravings and suggested to M that we check Skyve out (since we also have the entertainment app now) and see what a former secondary school has now become. Continue reading

Cat and the Fiddle

Planning a surprise birthday party and we were wondering where should we get the cake from. “What about cheesecake?” A suggested and directed me to the Cat and the Fiddle website. Cat and the Fiddle offers an interesting variety of cheesecakes and a good majority have an alcohol element in them, such as the Emperor’s Romance (a lychee martini cheesecake) and the Russian whiskers (a vodka mango cheesecake). However, we were expecting children and pregnant mothers to have a go at the cake too, hence we got the non-alcoholic Queen of Hearts – a strawberry cheesecake. Continue reading

Fat Boys

We wanted a place where we could sit down quickly without having to wait around much and fat boys happened to have an available table, so that became our lunch place for Sunday. I’ve eaten here many times and the fun part of coming here is to try its bespoke burgers. It’s not just any ordinary beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bread bun combo guys! Fat Boys really tries to mix things up by including different ingredients and combinations. Continue reading

Horse’s mouth

In the mood for Friday night drinks. Wanted to try Mariko’s but when I called to make a reservation, was told that the bar had decided to close for a week starting that Friday for renovations! Damn. Then, J suggested we try Horse’s mouth, which turned out to be perfect as I got a call from two friends I knew while living in Budapest and were in Singapore visiting! The bar was near their hotel which was perfect to meet up at. Continue reading

Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

Lunch date with F on Thursday, so decided to give the entertainment app another go and suggested that we visit Longtail Asian Brasserie since it was near her building and we could just walk over in a couple of minutes. At first I thought that it would be crowded since I knew that its sister restaurant, Sabai was a popular lunch place, so I made sure to make a reservation. However, when we walked in on Friday noon, it was almost empty. Wow. So much for making a reservation. Continue reading


The thought of Nandos always brings to mind their bad PR incident with a certain Mediacorp actress. I have not avoided Nandos especially because of that incident, but I have never really had any real urge to visit that place either. After all, before Nandos came to Singapore, I had already visited it overseas while living in New Zealand, hence it didn’t really feel like a ‘must try’ when it first burst onto the scene. Continue reading