Tap Craft Beer Bar

While surfing the internet once afternoon (and yes, while I was supposed to be studying), I chanced upon review on Tap, a new craft bar situated at Capital Piazza. The building, just happens to be located near my school, within 5 minutes walking distance actually. Tap self describes itself as a bar which offers at least 20 types of craft beer, mostly from the USA. I was quite intrigued by the ability to try tasting portions of beer, instead of having to get the minimum quota of a pint. Continue reading

The Horse’s Mouth 2.0

It is not my first time to the Horse’s Mouth. However, the last time I was there, it was for drinks purely. Despite that, I went away with really good impressions of the place – a nice intimate area to have good drinks and catch up with friends. A few weeks back, after a really bad day in school, J told me I needed a drink and as the good friend she was, informed me that I was coming out Friday evening.  Continue reading

Sum Yi Tai

When Sum Yi Tai first opened, it was super crowded from the outside and it was impossible to get an online reservation through chope. I reasoned that things might get better within a few months and was willing to wait for the hype to die down. Furthermore, there were many more new places on Boon Tat street to try. A few weeks from when Sum Yi Tai opened, J actually had drinks there with a friend. She didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the place so I forgot about it till my dinner date with Y and M. Since we were looking for a place for drinks after dinner, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check the place out. Continue reading

Neon Pigeon

It’s quite an exciting moment when you actually personally know someone who is opening up a new restaurant in Singapore and you can’t wait to go down and try their menu. Last Friday was one such occasion for me. The latest offering on Keong Saik road, Neon Pigeon, had just opened the Tuesday of the same week and after having missed out on the tasting sessions, Friday seemed like a good opportunity to try what this new establishment had to offer. The first thing you notice when you walk in is this huge pigeon graffiti on the wall followed by the open kitchen on the right and the bar right next to it. Decor is simple and minimal, we sat at one of the few high tables for dinner. Continue reading

Horse’s mouth

In the mood for Friday night drinks. Wanted to try Mariko’s but when I called to make a reservation, was told that the bar had decided to close for a week starting that Friday for renovations! Damn. Then, J suggested we try Horse’s mouth, which turned out to be perfect as I got a call from two friends I knew while living in Budapest and were in Singapore visiting! The bar was near their hotel which was perfect to meet up at. Continue reading

The Library

This hidden bar in Singapore has received a lot of hype and of a lot of angst from people who could not get in because they just could not get the password right (I know, I’ve seen one of those groups). The girls wanted to go to potatohead for a drink but it was so crowded that the hostess recommended we go opposite to the library instead and very kindly helped us to get the password from their facebook page. Continue reading

Spize and a little journey to La Maison du Whisky

Had a craving for Japanese whisky so I asked J to come out for drinks and she kindly agreed. Went over to La Maison du Whisky where unfortunately they did not have the Yamazaki 12 years, but I was recommended the 18 years single malt which turned out to be deliciously smooth. Before I knew it, I was on my third glass with a hefty bill to reflect my few minutes of alcohol bliss. Continue reading