Manhattan at Regent Singapore

Joined the girls for J’s birthday and the original plan was to go to Cloud, but when J’s friend forgot to put us on the list, we decided to make our way to Manhattan instead. Somehow, paying cover charge seems so passé nowadays. 😛

I’ve neither been nor heard of Manhattan, so it was a nice surprise when we arrived at the bar as I fell in love with the concept immediately. The first thing you see when you enter is the gigantic bar with its huge collection of spirits, flanked on both sides with rows of leather seats, low tables and plush couches. It’s a noisy warm vibe and you want to be part of it immediately.


Service was impeccable. We were approached by the bar manager as soon as we stepped in and were shown to our table in no time, water and popcorn served with no questions asked (wow). A glance at the menu showed that the concept of the bar had been well thought out. Drinks were presented according to different sections of Manhattan with sneaky suggestions of bar food pairings at the side. Even though it was quite late, I was feeling quite peckish and ordered some bites among the cocktails. This is what we got.

Cocktails: Among us, we tried the princess cut, cosmopolitan, New York sour, Penicilin (a variation of the whisky sour), can’t remember the last one unfortunately. I really liked how when the bar manager came to us with all our cocktails (with all its different colours and in different glasses) balanced on a tray. It was a perfect shot, which unfortunately, I only had time to admire, and did not take a picture to immortalize it.  The cocktails all tasted wonderful, and we all enjoyed them. I had ordered the cosmopolitan and most places usually make it too sweet. However, this one had the right balance with enough of an alcohol buzz in it 🙂


Food: we ordered the shrimp tacos, vegetable chips with a foie gras onion dip and ‘big apple’ cheesecake (the alien looking balls). The food were all delicious and we enjoyed every single one.


For an impromptu trip, this turned out to be a very enjoyable one. Manhattan is a really great bar to chill and have a drink with friends. Service is great and so are the drinks and food.

Add: The Regent Singapore, 1 Cuscaden Rd, 2nd Floor