Horse’s mouth

In the mood for Friday night drinks. Wanted to try Mariko’s but when I called to make a reservation, was told that the bar had decided to close for a week starting that Friday for renovations! Damn. Then, J suggested we try Horse’s mouth, which turned out to be perfect as I got a call from two friends I knew while living in Budapest and were in Singapore visiting! The bar was near their hotel which was perfect to meet up at.

This is one of those hidden bars in Singapore. If you enter from inside the mall, the entrance is very inconspicuous. It’s located right by the side of the building and it is very easy to just walk by. Even when you walk in through the dark corridor, you just see a dark wall in front of you. It’s almost like a leap of faith as you continue to walk forward and suddenly the wall slides to the side, revealing the hidden room.

The menu at first glance seems pretty short, but the waiters are quick to offer a bespoke cocktail if you express some uncertainty.


J was late, so I went ahead and got my first cocktail – a bespoke one. I asked for a whisky base cocktail, and they made me a whisky sour with a twist, using Yamazaki distillery reserve (perfect).


Figured that it was also good to try one of their creations. Opted for the Gentlemen’s Tip. Sounds like a man’s drink, but I really loved it. Strong flavours but not overwhelming. I especially liked the strong walnut aroma everytime I leaned in to take a sip.


J’s drink. Missionary downfall. She always gets the prettiest drinks! It was like a tropical cocktail, sweet and fruity. Perfect for the ladies!


Horse’s mouth is a great place to meet up, have awesome cocktails and still manage to have a decent conversation (no raising of voice necessary). Would really recommend booking a table before going, as I was really lucky to walk in at the right time and find a table for 4. The only thing is that they close early, midnight on weekdays, 1am on Fridays and Saturdays and time really flies quickly when you’re having a good time!

Add:583 Orchard Road, #B1-39, Forum the Shopping Mall