Bangkok: Gaggan

So when I told J that I was going to Bangkok, she told that I had to eat at Gaggan and my first reaction was, “Indian food? But I’m going to Thailand!” Nevertheless, she was convinced that I should try and get a reservation and if successful, I would not regret the experience. I was skeptical, and even more so since I already had a reservation at Le Du. So when I actually managed to get a late 9pm reservation at Gaggan, my immediate thought was “crap, how am I going to eat 25 courses at 9pm at night?”. J was nonplussed and just told me to “go for it.”  Continue reading

Taipei: Choose me Cafe & Meals

One of my favourite features of Taiwan is the number of themed cafes that keep popping up all over the city. Each cafe strives to be different from the other, and in some way, most manage to create a distinctive feature of their own. During my latest trip to Taipei, I was really eager to visit Choose me Cafe which was rather famous for their “cartoon” cakes. Continue reading

Kyuu Kei Udon x Soba

I’ve written about the sore lack of tsukemen in Singapore, despite the dish being quite perfect for Singapore’s weather. I may have to take that back. A new restaurant has opened up below my office building which specialises in tsukemen. It has a short menu. You start by choosing your broth – (a) tonkotsu broth or (b) lobster broth. Next, pick your protein – (i) pork chashu or (ii) fried chicken kaarage. Add ons include onsen eggs etc.  Continue reading

Kanshoku Ramen Bar

The owners of Kanshoku Ramen Bar described their inspiration to set up their restaurant in the following manner:

[The following excerpt is taken from their website]

“[…]Having tasted some of the best ramen around but never feeling entirely contented, we decided to create a ramen bowl that could be finished in its entirety without feeling stuffed. One that would be enjoyable down to the very last bite.” Continue reading


Whenever I’m looking for a quick lunch spot, I tend to head over to Asia Square. Lots of space, different varieties of food and it’s often to get a seat if one goes there after 1pm (Yeah, late lunches happen a lot when you’re a trainee). The queue at Wafuken – a hip healthy Japanese fusion place is often long, but one day I decided to just try it and see what the hype was all about. Continue reading


I’ve always liked soba. Between soba and udon, I’ve always favoured soba noodles more. As such, when I discovered WHEAT, I was quite ecstatic. Typically, soba is served as a dish on its own. Restaurants try to pair soba with other Japanese side dishes such as tempura but sometimes the pairing seems forced than complimentary.  Continue reading


Not going to lie, work has been tough. However, one of the perks of work is when the firm organizes a department dinner and you get to try a restaurant that has been on your watch list for a while. I was quite curious as to what the food at Ember would be like. Most people who’ve been there have raved about their modern European food, especially the value for money lunch sets.  Continue reading

Terra by Seita

I was a little confused when I first arrived at Terra. Lights were on, but there was a huge “sorry we are closed” up front. Upon confirmation that the restaurant was indeed open, I thought that it would be good to inform the restaurant about that faux pas. However, the responses I received were pretty weird and that put me off a little. The manager explained that they were still in soft launch mode and were only accepting customers who had made a booking and no walk ins… BUT STILL! Continue reading