Pizzeria Mozza

We happened to make Pizzeria Mozza our lunch stop last Sunday after spending quite a bit of time at the ongoing travel revolution fair at the MBS Exhibition Hall.

It’s all about the Pizzzas here. Honestly, if you’re looking for other Italian fare such as pasta, then one should head to its sister restaurant, Osteria Mozza instead.

Thankfully, despite it being a Sunday, we were able to get a table immediately. Yoo Hoo! Service was a bit slow at first as it was quite difficult to flag down a wait staff. However, once they took our order, service was pretty good from there.  Continue reading

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen has been opened in Singapore for quite a while now to much fanfare. Numerous commercial food bloggers have already written about it. However, I tend to think that the experience from media tastings and eating there as a paying customer can be quite different. Further, being a huge fan of Masterchef and having watched many episodes of Gordon Ramsey propounding on the proper ways for cooking food, I was really keen on seeing whether this translated to his own restaurants – which admittedly is run and executed by appointed sous chefs and not the man himself. Continue reading

South East Sliders (At Laneway)

I was so happy that when I first asked J if she wanted to go to Laneway with me, she said yes with no hesitation. After all lunch at db bistro (previous post), we made our way to Gardens by the Bay and found a spot where we could relax and watch the line up of bands. By 6 plus, we decided that it was time to get some food into our bellies, having been drinking since lunch time (remember our db cocktails?). J went hunting and came back with these delicious sliders and nachos! Continue reading

db Bistro Moderne

Back again at MBS, but this time for a different reason because of Laneway Festival! (A quick post on that later). J suggested that we try Daniel Boulud’s bistro for lunch and so we went. This was not my first time at DB, I had celebrated my birthday there two years ago and I had a great time there. If one were to mention DB, one always gushes about their burger in which the patties are made out of braised short ribs and foie gras. Having tried that already, I was keen to see what else the restaurant had to offer besides what was already tried, tested and famous. Continue reading