Long Chim by David Thompson

We asked E what she wanted to have for her birthday and she said “ethnic food”. After scratching our heads, we gave her some options and she chose Long Chim by David Thompson

Much has been written about David Thompson, an Australian born chef who is famous for his expertise on Thai cuisine. He is responsible for giving Thailand’s its first michelin star  with his bangkok restaurant, Nahm. Thankfully, we don’t have fly to Bangkok to have a taste of his cuisine. Singapore now has Long Chim.

Long Chim can  be a little tricky to find. Its worth asking the concierge for directions since it is only accessible via particular level 1 lifts. On my way up, I happened to get into the same lift as a couple of girls heading to Long Chim as well. Once the lifts opened, the girls started gushing, “OMG, I’ve been waiting for so long to come here…”

Good to know…


Long Chim has a nice selection of cocktails, each with very interesting and unique names. The cocktails of course, take their inspiration from Thailand, with names like Jasmine Julep and Senor-rita. The cocktail flavours are quite varied and its quite tricky to tell what kind of cocktail you’re choosing. J and I had two cocktails each throughout the course of the night. While both cocktails I had were pretty sweet, J seemed to get cocktails with a more bitter aftertaste. Good idea to ask the server before ordering just to make sure you get a cocktail you can handle!

We had the following dishes…

Thai fish cakes with a cucumber relish ($17) – the fish cakes were crispy and the relish added a nice tangy taste to the slight spice of the fish cakes. Really good starter.

Wagyu beef skewers with cumin coriander and turmeric ($16) – recommended by our server after I asked her whether another dish was good. Took her recommendation and these turned out decent. Not fantastic, but executed well.

Tom Yum soup with snapper – this was a daily special. In terms of authenticity, Long Chim certainly has the spice level down. It was sour and yet it was spicy at the same time. It was one of those dishes where you go, “oh so hot!” but you keep going back for more.

Grilled lamb ribs in dry curry ($36) – I never knew that lamb was a protein used in Thai cooking, so this was a pleasant surprise. I really liked the pickled cucumbers as well.

Kampong chicken in red curry ($28) – caution. This was really really spicy, and not in the same way as with the tom yum soup. J and I were both expecting a lot more curry broth. Hence, we were a little surprised that this dish was more of a stir fry than a curry dish.

One always needs vegetables to balance out the meal – Siamese watercress ($18)

As expected with Long Chim, prices are not cheap. However, in terms of authenticity, I would say that the restaurant has it pat down. Service was also great – the waitress attending to our table was very friendly and efficient.

Add: L2-02, Casino Atrium 2, Access via The Shoppes, Bay Level, L1

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