Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen has been opened in Singapore for quite a while now to much fanfare. Numerous commercial food bloggers have already written about it. However, I tend to think that the experience from media tastings and eating there as a paying customer can be quite different. Further, being a huge fan of Masterchef and having watched many episodes of Gordon Ramsey propounding on the proper ways for cooking food, I was really keen on seeing whether this translated to his own restaurants – which admittedly is run and executed by appointed sous chefs and not the man himself.

Finally got the opportunity a few weeks ago and I went down with my parents for lunch. We heard rumours that reservations (for dinner) are extremely hard to get on short notice. However, we were able to get a lunch booking just the day before. Even when we were there, the restaurant did not seem extremely crowded and we noticed that it was not at full occupancy, though it was indeed quite popular with the business lunch crowd.

Bread Street Kitchen3

Our first impressions were not very good. We waited for quite a few awkward minutes by the door before someone finally came to attend to us. For a restaurant that is categorized as “celebrity chef”, I guess we expected service to be a little more prompt and attentive. Throughout the meal, we also felt that service was a little slow… the dishes took quite a while to come to the table and we waited for a bit between courses. When it gets to the point when you question “where the dish is”, you know that the restaurant has gotten the timing wrong.

In any case we ordered from both the lunch set menu and the a la carte menu. One can enjoy two courses for $40 or three courses for $48 if one decides to choose from the lunch set menu.

M & D both went for the lunch set and chose the ham hock terrine with piccalilli with grilled sourdough for their appetizer. I thought that this was pretty good and (filling) for an appetizer. I especially liked the pickled cauliflower that came with it.

For mains, we had the smoked haddock and salmon fish cake, herb mayo and salad. Was rather pleased to see that the fish cake was 99% fish meat and was very rich in flavour. The herb mayo also had a hint of wasabi in it.

The other main we had was the veal and mushroom pie with whole grain mustard and tarragon sauce.

For the dessert course of the set lunch, M chose the pistachio creme brulee with dark chocolate sorbet. This was a pretty good combination, though I’m pretty bias towards anything pistachio

Besides the set lunch menu, we also ordered from the a la carte menu. Having watch countless videos on Gordon Ramsay teaching us how to cook a steak, I ordered their black angus sirloin steak 300 days grain fed ($60). I asked for it medium with a side of fries. The steak just comes with grilled tomatoes and garlic.

How was it? It was every bit of food heaven. The steak was well rendered and very very juicy. I asked for medium and it was cooked to perfection. I finished every single bit of the steak.
Bread Street Kitchen1

Dining at Bread Street Kitchen is certainly not cheap. For the three of us, the bill came to almost $200 for lunch with no drinks. However, the food is certainly well executed and very tasty. My only gripe remains the service, but that is something which certainly can be worked on.

Add: Bay Level, L1-81 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 018956

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