South East Sliders (At Laneway)

I was so happy that when I first asked J if she wanted to go to Laneway with me, she said yes with no hesitation. After all lunch at db bistro (previous post), we made our way to Gardens by the Bay and found a spot where we could relax and watch the line up of bands. By 6 plus, we decided that it was time to get some food into our bellies, having been drinking since lunch time (remember our db cocktails?). J went hunting and came back with these delicious sliders and nachos!

The nachos were topped with cheese and some pulled pork (?) They were pretty spicy but they tasted heavenly. The pork was very very flavourful and clearly there was a whole lot of spices in this protein.


This was the surprise. Shredded beef rendang in a pastry pocket with tomatoes, onions and peppers. I literally swallowed this down, like that little piece of comfort food we didn’t expect to get. Whoever created this is a genius! A quick internet search later on revealed that the chef behind South East Sliders is Chef Damain D’Silva? If so, I really hope to try more of his creations wherever they pop up next!  IMG_3428

It was an eventful day today at Laneway, I really enjoyed the bands and I was even happier to have had such good food and drinks!