Yhingthai Palace Restaurant


On my birthday this year, my family took me to Yhingthai restaurant at Purvis Street. We hoped that it would turn out to be a better experience than at Gunther’s and we were right.

The restaurant has a rather nice ambiance, all the waitresses/waiters are dressed in Thai style outfits and seemed to be popular with the office crowd.

We had the following dishes to share:
Tom Yam Talay – Clear tom yum seafood soup ($8 per bowl). Despite the clear soup, it was absolutely full of flavour – explosions of spice and sour-ness with every spoonful.

Yam Woonsen ($15) – Thai crystal noodles salad with shrimp and squid in spicy dressing. My favourite Thai appetizer to have. I always try to have this whenever I’m at a Thai restaurant. It’s pretty spicy so be warned!

Khao Phad Nam Liap ($20) – instead of normal steamed white rice, I requested to try the olive rice. Pretty tasty choice! Though M didn’t seem to think that it was worthy of its $20 price tag. Are olives really that expensive?

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang ($20) – Thai Roast Duck Red Curry. Another of my personal favourites. Many people often order green curry with chicken or beef, but I think that the duck red curry is one of the best Thai recipes out there. While Yhingthai’s version is pretty decent, I didn’t think it was the best I’ve had. Looks like I have to return to Bangkok for a re-tasting.

Kung Nerng Manao ($15) – steamed prawns drizzled with lime, chopped garlic and chili.

Of course, to balance out all that spice, we had a plate of non spicy vegetables – Phad Ruam Mit ($15)

Overall, I was really pleased with the food we had. A little on the pricey side, but it is located in the CBD area. Could definitely see myself coming again if I happen to be in the area.

Add: 36 Purvis Street

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