Macau: A Petisqueira Portuguese Restaurant

My firm organized its retreat in Macau recently and even though I’m not officially part of the firm yet, we were “invited” (i.e. told to go). Honestly, I was not too pleased about it, because it meant having losing work time, and as it turned out, I missed a good portion of the retreat because I had to go back to my hotel room and work (as instructed by my work senior). So really, what was the whole point again?Anyhow, something that really cheered me up or at least made the trip more fun, was that on our first night, Y took us out on a food adventure to the old streets of Macau. We wandered for a bit around the streets of Macau, before we finally found the restaurant which the hotel had recommended and booked a table for us.


A bit of history… Macau used to be a Portuguese colony, and hence many Portuguese influences still remain in the city. An obvious one is its city pavements of intricate black and white tile design, but a lesser known influence is the Portuguese food. In fact, other than Macau and perhaps some parts of Malacca, this is probably one of of the closest places to find some (authentic) Portuguese cuisine for those who can’t make it all the way to Europe. Ah, one of the benefits of colonialism!

We only reached the restaurant very late in the evening, at around 9 plus, but it was still pretty crowded. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before a table was ready and even while we were eating, people were still coming in!

We had a jug of sangria to share, which was really very affordable for a 1l jug (approximately SGD30). For food, we had the following:

Seafood paella


Parma ham, steak and potatoes. What I loved about this dish was that a runny egg was served right on top of the steak. As such, when we cut into, the yolk  oozed out beautifully. Very messy dish, but all so delicious.


In total, the bill came up to about SGD30-40 per person. Compared to what we may have been charged in Singapore, this felt rather affordable. This restaurant is located in Taipa area, away from the main tourist parts of Macau. However, definitely worth coming to check out for some Portuguese fare while in Macau.

Add: 15 R. de São Joao, Taipa, Macau

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