Nan Hwa Fishboat

Casual get together with the girls and J suggested checking out Nan Hwa Fishboat which has gotten pretty good reviews. Thank goodness she made a booking, the restaurant was very crowded when we reached and there were people outside waiting for a table.


E commented how before we came that it was really hard for her to make any orders since with the exception of one waiter, no one else spoke english (just mandarin). In truth, making orders was quite a tedious process in itself. It seem that only two people were able to take orders proper for the entire restaurant. Every time we waved someone down, they would acknowledge us but would not come over immediately. It definitely took some effort to get our orders in.

Once they were in though, the food came really quickly:

Fried tofu

Prawn paste chicken

Salted egg yolk squid – salted egg yolk is such a craze right now. Tasty dish, though the squid was a tad overcooked.

Finally, the reason why we came, the fishboat (with extra yam strips and enoki mushroom). Generous fish pieces (snapper) and the broth was absolutely sublime. We kept asking for top-ups!

Between the three of us, the bill came up to $30 per person. One might see it as a little on the pricey side, but the food is really very good and I can understand why people are willing to queue for this.

Add: 93 Owen Road

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