Paddy Hills

Brunch time with one of my best girlfriends, J. We decided to check out this cafe which had received quite a number of positive reviews on burpple. We arrived there at around 12.30 and it was already full. Thankfully, they had seats at the corner of the big sharing table and we were seated quickly. 


We had the following to share:

Hot chick ($15) – fried chicken with extra spicy chilli sauce


Berry ricota hotcakes ($23) – blueberrym sugar, berries, pine nuts, yuzu gel, vanilla yoghurt and maple syrup. Everytime a plate of hotcakes came within our sight, we awwwwed with appreciation. The presentation was extremely pretty and we just couldn’t wait for our own plate to come. The pancakes were fluffy and the pairing with the berries and vanilla yoghurt was a great combination.


Tonkotsu risotto ($25) – torched kurobuta pork belly, bacon, asparagus, prawn and scallop. Another great combination, the risotto was cooked well and combination of the risotto, egg yolk, seaweed and spring onions worked.


Really enjoyed our brunch time here. Could see ourselves coming back again to try theit other dishes. The only thing is that this place is a bit isolated, so carpooling is definitely recommended!

Add: 38 South Buona Vista Road

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