I’ve always liked soba. Between soba and udon, I’ve always favoured soba noodles more. As such, when I discovered WHEAT, I was quite ecstatic. Typically, soba is served as a dish on its own. Restaurants try to pair soba with other Japanese side dishes such as tempura but sometimes the pairing seems forced than complimentary.  Continue reading


Not going to lie, work has been tough. However, one of the perks of work is when the firm organizes a department dinner and you get to try a restaurant that has been on your watch list for a while. I was quite curious as to what the food at Ember would be like. Most people who’ve been there have raved about their modern European food, especially the value for money lunch sets.  Continue reading

Terra by Seita

I was a little confused when I first arrived at Terra. Lights were on, but there was a huge “sorry we are closed” up front. Upon confirmation that the restaurant was indeed open, I thought that it would be good to inform the restaurant about that faux pas. However, the responses I received were pretty weird and that put me off a little. The manager explained that they were still in soft launch mode and were only accepting customers who had made a booking and no walk ins… BUT STILL! Continue reading

Tokyo: Tapas Molecular Bar

This is the eighth post on my eating adventures to Tokyo. All other posts can be found here

J enjoys molecular gastronomy meals, as our previous visit to Labyrinth attests. While researching on places to eat in Tokyo, I came across Tapas Molecular Bar, which has received 1 michelin star in the last two years. After reading a few blog posts, I was convinced that J would love this place. As it turns out, this turned out to be the most entertaining meal we had in Tokyo, and also the most expensive 🙂

Continue reading

The Horse’s Mouth 2.0

It is not my first time to the Horse’s Mouth. However, the last time I was there, it was for drinks purely. Despite that, I went away with really good impressions of the place – a nice intimate area to have good drinks and catch up with friends. A few weeks back, after a really bad day in school, J told me I needed a drink and as the good friend she was, informed me that I was coming out Friday evening.  Continue reading